‍‍‍Our stellar service hasn't gone unnoticed. CBM Parking is the only car park services provider to have been awarded‍‍‍ the HDB Quality Partner Award.

ISO 9001 is an Intern‍‍‍ational Standard that states requirements for a quality management system. Through this certification, CBM Parking demonstrates its ability to consistently provide, maintain and enhance product and service delivery that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

‍‍‍Administered by SPRING Singapore, the Singapore Quality Class Star & Singapore Service Class awards recognise companies who strive for Business‍‍‍ Excellence under a set of internationally aligned standards that focuses on 7 key factors; leadership, customers, strategy, people, processes, knowledge and results.

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CBM Parking Pte Ltd (CBM Parking), a fully-owned subsidiary of CBM, is one of the largest car park management companies in Singapore. We are a leading provider of comprehensive  and reliable car park operations and management services. The various car parking systems that CBM Parking operates and manages include Full and Semi Electronic Parking System, Cashcard System and Proximity Disc System.

CBM Parking also provides consultancy services for customised systems and packages that will help you achieve maximum profits and values.‍‍‍

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