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New applicants for season parking at our commercial carparks may visit the link below and fill in the season parking application form. Our office will contact you via your email/contact number within two (2) working days to inform you on the payment instructions, which may be via SAM or cheque.


Renewal of Season Parking

Existing season parking ticket holders who wish to renew their season parking passes may do so via SAM kiosks located around Singapore, or online via the SAM website. The user guides for payment via SAM can be found below.

User Guide for SAM Mobile (PDF)

User Guide for SAM Web (PDF)

User Guide for New SAM (eSAM)

Alternatively, payment for season parking may be made via cheque. ‍‍‍Please visit the link below‍‍‍ to generate a printable form to be printed and submitted to our carpark attendants on site along with the cheque payment.

Change of Particulars

‍‍‍Existing season parking ticket holders who wish to change their season parking ticket partic‍‍‍ulars (e.g. new vehicle plate number, new vehicle IU number, change of address, change of contact number) may visit the link below and fill in the change of particulars form.

Please note that all change of particulars submitted via the form will only take effect after one (1) working day.

Suspension/Termination of Season Parking

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Existing season parking ticket holde‍‍‍rs who wish to prematurely suspend/terminate their season parking passes may visit the link below and fill in the refund request form.


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Renewal of Season Parking

Change of Particulars‍‍‍‍‍‍

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